Never Miss Work Again.


At McFarland Orthodontics, we understand that your time is valuable. That's why we are the only practice in the area that provides a ride for your child to and from their appointments, to give you the flexibility you need.


Our Brace Bus service is the perfect safe and efficient solution for busy and working parents like you. Dr. McFarland has offered The Brace Bus for over 30 years, to help get your children to their appointments safely.

The Process is simple: Ms. Ashley Henson, our Brace Bus driver, will pick up your child from school, bring them to our office for an appointment, and return them to school. 

You must sign a permission slip authorizing Ms. Henson to transport your child and check them out of school. You can get a permission slip at our front desk, or you can print one from the links on this page. You can also find the permission slip in the "Patient Forms" section of our website.

Appointments are usually scheduled during school hours. Ms. Henson will schedule appointments according to the day and time she is driving. Ms. Henson will call you the day before the appointment to confirm the arrangements with you and your child.


Cost: $15 (round trip)

Contact Ashley Henson at (214) 417-7331

Permission Slip Form:

> Brace Bus Permission Form


Meet Ashley

Ashley Henson lives in Highland Village with her husband, Chay, and two children. She has been living in the Flower Mound/ Highland Village area since 2003. Ashley graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University, where she met her husband. The Henson’s are members of Trietsch United Methodist Church and enjoy traveling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-How much does the Brace Bus cost and what is the preferred method of payment?

A-The service is $15 round trip. We try to make it easy and convenient for you. Payments can be made either by cash, a check made out to Ashley Henson or PayPal

Q- What schools do you drive to?

A-The Brace Bus services students in Lewisville ISD, including private and charter schools within the LISD boundaries.

Q- Is it an actual bus?

A-No! The Brace Bus is Ashley’s personal vehicle.

Q- Do you schedule before or after school hours?

A-We do our very best to work with the patient’s schedule as best as possible, but most appointments are scheduled during school hours. If your appointment is scheduled during school hours, we will confirm the date and time for your approval.

Q- What if the parents don’t notify the school to release the child to Ashley?

A-Each school has it’s own policies and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with them. But, they all require consent from a guardian every time Ashley is take the child to an appointment. Without notification to the school each time, Ashley will be unable to transport the patient to their appointment.

Q- Will you schedule the next appointment?

A-Yes! Ashley will schedule the next appointment for your child on a day Ashley is working and inform you of when it is for your approval.

Q- How can I keep up with my child’s progress?

A-Feel free to call the office anytime to discuss the progress of your child. The office staff is always happy to answer any question you may have.

Q- Is there a release form to provide the school?

A-Yes, you can download and print the release form from our website. You can find a link to this permission slip on this page, below Ashley's picture. In addition, please send the completed form to Ashley at prior to her transporting your child.

Q-What safety precautions has Dr. McFarland’s office taken with using Ashley as the Brace Bus driver?

A-Ashley has undergone an extensive background check and has a safe driving record. Ashley was a patient of our office, and we’ve had a longstanding relationship with her that has spanned several years.

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