What is Dental Pulp?


Dental pulp lives in the center of your tooth, and is made up of living connective tissues, blood vessels and cells. Your dental pulp is layered underneath the enamel layer and the dentin layer of your teeth. Dental pulp is the most vital part of your tooth.


• Tooth Pulp
• Dental Nerve
• Tooth Nerve

Tooth Pulp Has Important Jobs:

1. Sensory: Your tooth pulp alerts you with pain when your tooth experiences a temperature extreme, pressure, or trauma.
2. Nutrition: Your tooth pulp has blood vessels that keep the tooth nourished with moisture and nutrients.
1. Protection/Formation: Pulp is responsible for producing Dentin, which is a calcified tissue that serves as the second layer of your tooth. It’s located directly outside of the pulp chamber, and is normally covered by tooth enamel. Pulp forms a “reparative dentin” when trauma to the tooth occurs.

Protect your Pulp!

Dental pulp can get infected in you have a deep cavity, a crack in your tooth, injury to your tooth, or gum disease. If one or more of these issues come up, you may have to have a root canal to save your tooth. A root canal is performed by your dentist to remove any damaged pulp and to clean and disinfect the space left behind. Then the space is filled with a rubberlike material.

The goal is to keep your teeth healthy and protected so you never need a root canal.

Prevent infection and damage to your teeth by:
• Brushing and flossing daily
• Protecting your teeth when you play contact sports.
• Seeing your dentist regularly for dental cleanings.
• Utilizing McFarland Orthodontics as a resource for concerns and questions that you have.



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