Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide For Kids In Braces


The holiday season is upon us! In my family, stockings are a big deal. My wife Karen is the brains behind the operation and she takes her job very seriously as she considers the personalities and preferences of each family member. For my part, I like to include a few practical items in my girls’ stockings that align with what I’m passionate about: healthy smiles.

My girls are grown up and are beyond the braces-wearing phase, but I want to share a list of stocking stuffer must-haves with you to consider for the people in your family currently in braces. Their smiles will thank you for these gifts.

PS:These are not paid endorsements... Just a list of some of my favorite stocking-stuffers.

1. Electric Toothbrush

Here at McFarland Orthodontics, our patients receive an electric toothbrush with their treatments, because we want the absolute best for their oral care regimens. Electric toothbrushes have an edge over regular toothbrushes, as they are more effective at removing plaque and bacteria and are more gentle on gums. If your child doesn't have an electric toothbrush yet, it would be an excellent item to add to your child's stocking.

My favorite brand is Philips Sonicare, and you can get one HERE.

2. Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are not only environmentally friendly, but they are also a really great tool to improve your oral health. Drinking water is one of the best ways to keep your mouth clean, prevent stains, and lower your risk of cavities. Water also helps you fight bad breath, and it can be a good source of fluoride. Help your child get in the habit of carrying around one of these cool water bottles for the sake of their smiles and their overall health.

My girls always carry around these colorful, stainless steel ones from Kleen Kanteen. You can find a variety of colors HERE.

3. Metal Straws

Metal straws are another great way to help out the environment with needless plastic waste AND prevent stains on your teeth. While straws won’t completely keep liquids from touching and staining your teeth, they can make a difference.

I like these straws, especially because they come with a handy little brush to clean them with. You can get a set HERE.

4. Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups

In the McFarland family, it’s essential to have something sweet hidden in each of our stockings. If your family also has a strict sweets-in-the-stockings policy, then these peanut butter and chocolate treats are a better idea for family members in braces. They won’t damage the braces hardware like other hard and sticky treats. Another benefit is that Justin's brand uses high-quality ingredients that make us McFarlands feel a little less guilty about eating sugar!

You can find Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups HERE.

5. Toothbrush Timer

It is so important for kids to develop good habits with brushing from a young age, but it’s even more critical when braces are involved. Plaque can hide behind brackets and wires, causing cavities and white spots that will compromise a smile. These handy toothbrush timers are perfect for younger kids who need to develop a habit of brushing for at least two minutes each time they brush. This rocket-shaped timer will add a little more fun to your kid’s daily routine.

Get your Rocket Toothbrush Timer HERE.

6. Wacky Dental Floss

The American Dental Association tells us to floss every day. That can seem like a lot to ask of a child on top of regular brushing. If you need to make this habit more enticing to your child, try a fun-flavored floss. I have seen some wacky flavors out there, like cupcake, monkey (banana flavored!) bubble gum, and even bacon flavored floss.

My girls have received cupcake floss in their stockings a few times, and you can get some HERE.

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