Plaque Facts


Dental plaque is a film of bacteria that covers your teeth. Yuck! After you eat, plaque gives off acids that break down your tooth enamel.

Here are 5 Facts about Plaque that we bet you didn't know about:

1. There are over 300 kinds of bacteria that make up dental plaque. Be sure to floss between your teeth to avoid dangerous build up!

2. If you let plaque build up for a long time, it may harden and form “tartar.” This is bad news for your gums, as tartar build up can inflame your gums and make them bleed.

3. While foods loaded with sugar are a main source of plaque, foods with starch are also a key cause of plaque build-up.

4. Some alternative ways to rid your teeth of plaque, besides brushing and flossing, are the following: Drinking lots of water, chewing on crunchy vegetables, and chewing on sugar-free gum.

5. Plaque and tartar are the main causes of gum disease and cavities!

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