Is It Safe To Straighten My Teeth With Direct-To-Consumer Orthodontics?


We understand the appeal of trying out a direct-to-consumer clear aligner company to straighten your teeth.

However, as a board certified orthodontist with over 40 years of experience, it is my professional opinion that achieving a beautiful, straight smile while also taking into consideration your oral health, bite and teeth, is safest when monitored in-person by a trusted orthodontist.

I would like to discuss some differences between mail-ordered, self-administered clear aligners and Invisalign administrated by a trusted local orthodontist.

Here are 6 reasons why using Invisalign with a local orthodontist is a better, safer choice for achieving the smile you have always wanted.

1. Highest Quality Treatment Supervision, In Person

With a local, board-certified orthodontist, you will have a team of specialists who will spend time with you face-to-face to determine the most effective and safe treatment plan. This plan will take in to account your oral health, bite, jaw and teeth as well as the cosmetic appearance of your smile. The same specialists who will take your x-rays, photos and digital scans of your mouth will see your treatment through until your smile is right where it needs to be.

With some mail-order orthodontics, users must take impressions of their own teeth, leaving room for error. Much of the treatment plan depends on what can be learned from your impression mold, so if it’s inaccurate in any way, your results can be compromised.

2. Highest Quality Materials
Invisalign uses the highest quality materials for your mouth based on almost a decade of research and development to perfect their product. Invisalign has tested 260 materials to create their proprietary aligner material. These aligners fit comfortably around teeth and provide treatment times up to 50% faster than other methods. McFarland Orthodontics is proud to use Invisalign on our patients.

Other clear aligner companies don’t have the benefit of Invisalign’s advanced, high quality material.

3. Attachment Use
Invisalign uses small tooth-colored attachments that can connect with aligner trays. These attachments are designed to fine-tune the teeth moving process shorten treatment time.

Mail-order orthodontics do not have the benefit of this technology.

4. Emergencies Handled In Person
If an orthodontic emergency should arise, your local orthodontist should be able to see you right away to help.

If an issue with your mail-ordered treatment system came up, your orthodontic emergency would have to be handled by a remote customer service representative who is likely hundreds of miles away.

5. Customer Service

At a local orthodontic practice like McFarland Orthodontics, you won’t be just a dollar sign. We know your face, your name, and your health history. You will be treated like family. If there is ever an issue that needs to be addressed, we can see you right away. An office like ours takes full accountability of your treatment from start to finish… Which is why the customer service at McFarland Orthodontics is second to none.

One of the most concerning aspects of mail-order orthodontics is their customer service. When an issue arises in the treatment plan of an individual using mail-ordered aligners, the patient is often left frustrated. With lengthy hold times, late shipments, messed up deliveries, and a lack of accountability when the company is at fault, the customer service of these online businesses do not have the same standards of customer care that in-person orthodontic practices have.

6. Complex Issues
Board-certified orthodontists are uniquely equipped to handle complex orthodontic issues. They have undergone an additional 2-3 years of training beyond dental school, and then worked towards a peer-reviewed board certification process.

Mail-order orthodontics can only handle basic cases. If your situation is more complex, your local board-certified orthodontist will be equipped to handle your unique situation.


Call us today at McFarland Orthodontics today for a free consultation at (972) 221-2515. We can discuss all of your options and answer any questions or concerns you may have!

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