Do I still have to see my dentist once I’ve started orthodontic treatment?


Once you get your braces on, it’s more important than ever that you continue to see your dentist. No one wants a straight smile with a good bite but with decayed teeth and unhealthy gums!

Having braces provides additional places for food particles and bacteria to hide. Seeing your dentist regularly will allow for a professional cleaning to make sure that all of that plaque and tartar is removed.

Cavities can prolong your braces treatment, so having your dentist monitor those problem areas and provide you with fluoride treatments to strengthen and protect your teeth will go a long way.

Finally, your dentist can help protect your pearly whites from the loss of calcium in your teeth. This condition can cause white spots to appear on your tooth surfaces, and although decalcification is preventable, it is usually irreversible once the damage has been done.

Your dentist and McFarland Orthodontics are working together to make sure your smile is the healthiest and straightest it can be, so you can smile proudly. Need a recommendation on a good dentist? Just give us a call and we will point you in the right direction! 972-221-2515

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