DIY Braces Locker Kit


School starts this month!

You may be starting to prepare for the new school year by gathering books, supplies, and locker accessories... But McFarland Orthodontics doesn't want you to forget about your smile!

We suggest that you put together a DIY Braces Locker Kit, so you can take care of your smile on the go!

Here are 10 things to include in your DIY Braces Locker Kit!

1. A Pencil Case or Toiletry Bag to contain your kit

2. Kleenex

3. Travel Toothbrush

4. Floss Threader

5. Travel Toothpaste

6. Orthodontic Wax

7. Floss

8. Ortho. Flossers

9. Mouthgear (If needed for sports)

10. A Mirror Compact

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