Common (and Funny) Misconceptions About Braces


You can get radio signals on your braces.

It makes for a good story in the high school cafeteria, but the truth is that you'll have to carry a transistor if you want to listen to your favorite station.

If you kiss someone who also wears braces, your braces might lock together.

Again, our apologies to all the tall story tellers, but today's braces are made in such a way that it just can't happen.

Your braces will set off the metal detectors in the airport.

You are cleared for takeoff – the lightweight materials used in braces will not affect metal detectors.

There's more tooth decay with braces.

The truth is, poor dental hygiene—with or without braces—causes tooth decay. Obviously, having braces in the mouth means you must brush more carefully. Taking additional time to keep teeth and braces spotlessly clean means you'll have a beautiful smile when the braces come off.

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