Be Sweet To Your Braces On Valentine’s Day


Having braces during Valentine’s Day is no big deal, especially with so many braces-friendly treats out there!
You want to make sure that your Valentine’s Day plans don’t get ruined by sweets stuck in your braces, and now that’s easier to achieve than ever.

If you’ve had braces for a while, you probably already know which foods to avoid: Hard candy, toffee, caramels and anything sticky. You already know these foods can make it difficult to clean your braces afterward, or even break your braces hard-wear. But let’s focus instead on what you can enjoy without a second thought to messy or broken braces.

Truffles and soft chocolates are a safer bet for orthodontic patients. However, if you’re picking up a treat for yourself or a loved one with braces, remember that you can show your love in many ways that don’t include food. Go for flowers, a heartfelt card or make something old-fashioned and romantic like a music playlist to let your crush know how you feel.

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