4 Reasons Why Summer Break is the PERFECT Time for Braces!


Summer break is here!

Now is the PERFECT time to schedule a new patient appointment. Get your orthodontic treatment off to a sunny start this summer and you won't have to miss any school for those first few appointments.

Here are 4 reasons to get braces during summer break:

1. Ice Cream!
Are you feeling a little sore after getting your braces on? Ice cream is a fun treat that will soothe your mouth and keep you cool at the same time. Don’t forget about other delicious (and healthier!) options like smoothies and frozen yogurt.

2. Time To Adjust
Getting used to braces can take a little time, so acclimating during summer break allows you to learn to eat and talk with your new braces without as much scrutiny from classmates.

3. Miss Less School
Those first appointments can take a long time compared to the follow-up visits. If you schedule these initial visits during your summer break, you will miss less school and other extracurricular activities.

4. Oral Care
Braces require you to change how you brush and floss. When you are focused on schoolwork, you may not have as much energy or motivation to start a new routine. Use your summer break to get off to a great start!

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