3 Simple Tips For Dulling Tooth Sensitivity at Home


Two prominent reasons that you might have tooth sensitivity are when the enamel on your teeth thins or when gum recession happens, exposing the underlying surface of the tooth. If you are struggling with tooth sensitivity, McFarland Orthodontics is here to help! Here are a few tips to try on your own:

Change Toothpaste
Some toothpastes can increase your tooth sensitivity, like when they have added ingredients for whitening and tartar control. If this applies to you, it’s time to switch out your toothpaste. Try a desensitizing paste so you can protect and block the pathways that connect to the nerves of your sensitive teeth.

Go Easy On Your Teeth
Be gentle with your teeth as you clean them! Use a soft bristled brush, and avoid scrubbing too hard with your toothbrush. You’ll know if you are brushing too vigorously if your toothbrush bristles are flattened down or pointing in all different directions.

Avoid Acidic Foods
Acidic foods and drinks can make your tooth sensitivity worse, eroding the enamel they encounter. Foods like marinara sauce, soda, tomatoes, oranges, and lemons all tend to be acidic, so eat and drink with care.

If these tips aren’t enough to tackle the tooth sensitivity you are experiencing, you can always give McFarland Orthodontics a call at 972.221.2515. You can also contact your dentist office!

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