What Are The Risks Of Getting Braces Off Too Early?


At McFarland Orthodontics, our patients are often eager to see what their beautiful smiles are going to end up looking like, so they will request to have their braces removed early. We get that you are excited about your smile! We are too.

Your smile may be shaping up beautifully, but removing your braces before Dr. McFarland gives you the green light is a bad idea. The biggest risk is that your teeth will shift if they are not given enough time to set in the right places. We want your smile to be straight and beautiful for a lifetime!

Wearing a retainer can help prevent shifting teeth, but the retainer you will wear post-braces are not as effective as your braces are at guiding the teeth to the right spots.

If you were to get your braces taken off prematurely, you run the risk of having to spend more money in the future for corrective treatment, cavities from crowded teeth, and even trouble chewing due to a bite that is off.

We are grateful for your patience, and appreciate your trust in us to know the ideal time to have your braces taken off... Believe us, it is going to be SO WORTH IT in the end!

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