We've got a new "Brace Bus" driver!


Our "Brace Bus" service is perfect for busy and working parents like you...
And we are thrilled to have found a wonderful replacement for our previous driver who recently retired after working with us for several years.

Ashley Henson will be available to safely and efficiently pick up your child from school in her vehicle, bring them to our office for an appointment, then return them to school.

Appointments are usually scheduled during school hours. Ms. Henson will schedule appointments according to the day and time she is driving. Ms. Henson will call you the day before the appointment to confirm the arrangements with you and your child.

Permission Slip:
You must sign a permission slip authorizing Ms. Henson to transport your child and check him/her out of school. You can obtain a permission slip at the front desk of McFarland Orthodontics.

$15 (round trip)

Contact Information:
Ashley Henson: (214) 417-7331

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