Adult Orthodontics


Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age. Recent years have seen a tremendous increase in adult patients. In fact, today more than one out of four patients is an adult.

At one time, many people believed orthodontic care was "only for children," but the tissues involved in the movement of teeth are the same in adults as in children. However, the absence of major facial and jaw growth in adults may be a limiting factor in the results achieved. Also, the health of the teeth and their supporting structures will determine the prospects for improvement.

Gaps between the teeth, crowding, protruding front teeth, and teeth that, for any reason, have moved into an abnormal position may be corrected in the adult by orthodontic treatment.

Health concerns are often the primary consideration for adult treatment. Teeth that are well aligned and that occlude (fit together) properly with opposing teeth enhance both dental and general health.

At McFarland Orthodontics, we love working with adults to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. We even have a separate area for treatment to make our adult patients feel more at ease. Our waiting room has our adult patients in mind with coffee and other beverages, snacks, Wi-Fi, and magazines. Lastly, we offer Invisalign, the clear alternative to braces, for adults who want their treatment to be discreet.

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