4 Reasons to Brush Your Tongue!


The tongue is an incredible organ that allows us to speak, taste, and swallow. Where would we be without these functions?

Here are 4 reasons why you should be brushing your tongue every day.

1. Fresh Breath! 90% of bad breath comes from a dirty tongue.
2. Clean Mouth! Almost 50% of the bacteria in your mouth, called biofilm, lives on your tongue. Yuck! You don't want to brush your teeth diligently but miss out on removing half of the bacteria in your mouth.
3. Prevents Cavities! If you brush only your teeth and not your tongue, the bacteria on your tongue will eventually find its way back to the teeth. This can cause cavities.
4. It’s so easy! Just use your toothbrush to scrub the top of your tongue thoroughly, or even better, use a tongue scraper to quickly and gently scrape the debris off your tongue.


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